Incorporate : Partnership : Leases

Incorporating, registering a partnership, or arranging a Shareholders agreement? I can help.

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Real Estate - Residential : Commercial : Recreational

Buying/Selling houses, commercial properties and arranging mortgages?. I can help!

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Wills and Estate Services

Avoid Government intervention - See that your estate is handled according to your wishes.

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Without a Power of Attorney you have no control over who handles your affairs if you become incapacitated. Without a Will your estate may not pass to the people that you want it to. Fear of administering an Estate can cause worry to loved ones at an especially difficult time. These areas of law require knowledge and experience that you can expect at Paul J. Crowe.

Real Estate: whether residential, recreational or commercial is usually the single biggest investment that a person will make. And, buying and selling houses and arranging mortgages on residential houses is a part of everyone’s dreams and one of the major areas of my practice.

Whether starting up a new Small Business or running or buying an existing one you need answers to a lot of questions. I regularly handle purchasing an existing business from private owners. I also purchase businesses from a franchisor or set up a new business through the franchisor.