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Wills and Estates

My first nine years of practice were in a small West Toronto firm that was established in 1902. Wills and Estates have always been a large part of my practice.


Without a will your estate goes according to government rules which rarely are what you want. And even then it takes longer and costs more.

With a Will you decide where your estate goes. I draw on my experience, and the knowledge gained working for the old law firm, to help people draw wills and, when necessary, suggest ideas on how to leave their estate as they know what they want to do but are not sure how to accomplish it.

Our charges for a Will are as follows:

  • $300 for a standard single
  • $485 for a standard husband and wife pair of wills.

Power of Attorney

Without a Power of Attorney no one can look after your assets or use your assets to look after you if you are injured or sick.  Older people frequently think of this because of the risks of aging.  Young people should be thinking of car accidents.

When done with a Will we charge $100 per Power of Attorney. When done alone, we charge $200 for the first and $100 for the rest.  Call us for details.

For more information on how we can help with your Will, call our office today!