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Do I need to incorporate?

Maybe. And if not, you may need something else. First we talk and after you decide, we proceed with what is best for you at this time

I usually charge $775 to incorporate a company including all initial by-laws, resolutions, share issues and banking forms. Disbursements can be $550- $600 depending on what you do.

Small Business

I have handled the Purchase and Sale of existing small businesses from private owners. I have also handled purchasing an existing business from a franchisor or setting up a new business through the franchisor. Here are a few other areas of our expertise.

  • Incorporate a Company Register a Partnership
  • Partnership Agreement or a Shareholder’s Agreement
  • Review a Lease

The above points are only a few of many other other legal documents we can review which any small business may face from time to time.

For more information on how we can help your business, call our office today!